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Eastern medicine's holistic approach to health resolves problems at the root while treating symptoms. 
It is well within our grasp to rejuvenate our health.


Acupuncture doesn't hurt, rather most people feel deeply relaxed and even elated by these holistic health treatments. Acupuncture can address challenging conditions that have not been resolved by other treatments.  

Herbal Healing

The Asian herbal pharmacopeia has a vast array of potent herbs which heal by enhancing your body functions. These effective herbal treatments have far fewer side effects than many western medicines.

Eastern Medicine

With accumulated wisdom over five centuries, Eastern Medicine is the world's oldest, most widely applied medical model used by billions of people. It is a model intended to treat every medical condition.


Meditation is shown to change the structure of the brain. It can resolve PTSD and improve the mind's vitality. Watch Sara Lazar's present her research.

Healing with Acupuncture

Acupuncture skillfully wields the energy of the body to resolve disharmony. Our bodies circulate meridians of energetic qi (pronounced 'chi'). Meridians may be imagined as veins of a leaf, designed to nourish the leaf. When our meridians circulate poorly, we are in pain, or it indicates that core aspects of our health are weakened. Key points along the channel of the meridian have great influence over the meridian and body and these are called acupuncture points. Stimulation of acupuncture points through fine needles initiates a healing response throughout the body. Learn more about Acupuncture.

Begin your healing journey.


We excel at healing challenging medical conditions.
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“I feel like I'm getting multiple therapies when I see you, and for such reasonable rates!”


“I feel so much better than I did even less than 24 hours ago;
it's amazing. I only wish I had come to you sooner and next time I will."

Tobey C.
Teacher & Writer

“Jacqueline is AMAZING!
She is a true healer! She has helped me with pain issues, blood pressure, sleep and emotional issues as well."

Heidi S.
College Admissions

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