Herbal Medicine Changes Your Body

Our powerful connection to the earth is perhaps best illuminated through the healing provided by herbs. It is astonishing to realize that a plant, grown in moist earth and reaching for sunlight, can heal our malady in the flesh. This is how deep our connection is to our earth. Both our beings are derived from the patterns of the natural world. View Our Clinic's Raw Herbal Pharmacy and learn how to Prepare a Medicinal Herbal Tea.

It's fortunate that the Asian herbal pharmacopeia has a vast array of potent herbs that western medicine has only begun to explore, as it brings great opportunity for further healing. The Asian herbal pharmacopeia is the collection of 5,000 years of study and is used to positively affect nearly any medical condition. In fact, it's expected that more people have used Asian Medicine over the centuries than all other cultural medical models combined.

Herbal Medicine has fewer side effects

While all Western Medicine has a plant or mineral source, this is often forgotten when reduced to an 'active ingredient' which then discards the bulk of the herb. Thereafter medicine is manufactured into bleached white pills. Much of western medicine is driven by its pharmaceutical industry, which is interested in patents and profit. Eastern herbs are presently unable to be patented – hence little interest from the western pharmaceutical industry until quite recently. Asian Medical philosophy values an herb holistically for its full spectrum of phytonutrient qualities. Herbal formulas containing multiple herbs synthesize and strengthen medicinal power. A further benefit of Asian Medicine is that Eastern herbs have fewer side effects overall when prescribed appropriately.


Asian philosophy exalts nature as the foundation of life, respectfully studying our relationship to the natural and universal world. Human life is considered a part of the natural fabric, not alienated from, or better than, the natural world. For example, Asian medicine considered our bodily relationship to the seasons and to the moon cycle. Many people who engage Asian Medicine want to actually handle the colorful healing herbs. It's a potent and clear signal of a relationship between our health and the diverse life of the planet.
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