Enhancing a Treatment:

Auricular Acupuncture

The ear is a microsystem which reflects the whole body in Asian medicine. Well known for helping addiction recovery, its also effective on a broad spectrum of conditions.


By running a micro-current through paired needle points electo-acupuncture intensifies an acupuncture treatment. It's often used as a form of anesthesia for pain relief of muscle spasms, recovery after severe injury, and common treatment for neurological disorders.

Fire Cupping, Rolling Cupping

Unlike massage which kneads the tissue inward, cupping lifts muscle tissue upward to release tension and bring blood to starved tissue. Cupping utilizes vacuum pressure, a flame is inserted into the cup to burn off the air. The negative pressure from the lack of oxygen in the cup, placed upon the skin, lifts the tissue. Cupping especially on a person with significant energetic stagnation, will leave harmless circular petechiae marks which will resolve in a few days. Cupping improves circulation, can address colds, menstrual, respiratory, and digestive issues.
To learn more about and actually see cupping view CBS News story "'Cupping' Takes The Pain Away".


Mugwort, also known as Ai Ye, Artemisia or Moxa is an herb which is known to remove cold conditions from the body by warming channels and regulating blood. Ai Ye is a sacred herb imbued with spiritual healing properties. To treat with moxa, there are generally four customs. A small amount can be attached to an acupuncture needle and burned. A stick of it can be waved above or placed near the skin. It may be burned on top of a medium left on the body such as salt or a slice of ginger. It is also directly applied and burned on the skin in some cases, for patients which are interested, this may result in a blister or scarring; still many people find significant relief in this method.

Gua Sha

Is a scraping technique applied to the yang surfaces of the body, that helps release the wei qi (protective qi) of the skin. Gua Sha aids prevention of the common cold and flu. Often applied on the upper back, close to the lungs it helps remedy bronchitis, asthma, as well as any chronic congestion of Qi and Blood as it improves circulation.


By placing fingers onto acupuncture points with gentle pressure one is able to initiate healing change. The beneftis of acupressure are different than acupuncture, it's less invasive and therefore a good medium for those afraid of needles. It creates a slower, subtler changes than acupuncture. It effectively releases muscular tension and changes blood flow patterns. More similar to Reiki, people can feel profound change to their energetic field. Learning these points are a great way to treat yourself daily too.


Reiki originated in Japan as a spiritual healing technique using touch or resonane of touch. Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy" also known in Chinese medicine as Qi. Our bodies emit a radiance beyond our skin, in chinese medicine the skin and it's resonance is known as wei qi. Other traditions describe it as the auric fields. Gentle healing touch is very powerful, especially in a culture where so many people feel isolated, or have been abused. Authentic kind touch, with mutual respect, is essential to our growth and development as humans; and to creating a healthy social fabric. I've met people who prefer Reiki to any other type of healing modality, including traditional 'talk' therapy, it's so potent for them.
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